Conclusion and Reflection

When originally asked to write a small series of blog posts about ethics and sustainability I was both excited and nervous. Blogging allows small aspects of multiple topics to be explored and I couldn’t wait to research arguments that I feel passionate about. However, the word limit also certifies that you cannot talk about everything, there are lots of debates that I would have liked to discover more deeply. The biggest elements of research I believe I have made are:

  • The lingerie industry isn’t the most sustainable market, this is due to multiple aspects of the manufacturing process. From dye disposal, man made fibres and extended producer responsibility, however, it appears that smaller brands are chipping away at the market segmentation and are are successful in doing so. The smaller brands with more niche markets appear to be giving their consumers greater satisfaction than the larger brands who are trying to please a mass market.
  • When researching fur, I could not believe the fluctuation within the market levels and cost of material. It is interesting to see that the economy, environment, politics and every day life can affect the cost and sale price. It will be interesting to see if there is a decline in the fur trade over the following decades or if the rise will plateau due to modern life. I think for controversial markets it is important to stay one step ahead, to focus on where a market might rise and fall.
  • Depth and vigour of a companies CSR is incredibly important to consumers and it is always increasing in value as consumers become more interested in the environment. However, a company cannot merely get away with saying they are going to do something without following through with proof.
  • Companies big and small are paying more attention than ever on their manufacturing chains, they are aware that consumers want to know who made their clothes and where it came from. Despite the laws surrounding labelling transparency within a company is very valued information.

As someone who would like to set up my own business in the near future, this information has been entirely invaluable. It allows an inside opinion into ethical trading within business. It has also been priceless to be able to focus the posts on the lingerie industry or aspects of ethics and sustainability that I find interesting. I will definitely use this information to develop the final modules within my MA and in any other future ventures I may make.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog, I hope you have enjoyed reading it as much as I have enjoyed researching and writing it.

xoxo Harriett Cheal


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